Bridal Gown

A bridal gown is the dress that a bride chooses to wear on her wedding day. Whether you are getting married on an exotic beach, a quaint village church or an ancient gothic castle the bridal gown is the piece de resistance that most people like to come to see and gasp in amazement at the unique dress creation chosen for the special day.

A bridal gown would once have been principally white and made of satin. It would have been a full, romantic style of dress with a fitted bodice and hooped undershirts with layers of net and lace. Over the last two decades styles and colours have evolved and now the bridal gown can be anything from a sleek, slinky silhouette to a gothic style black lace, corseted vamp style dress. The colour that a bride might choose can be anything that will fit into the theme and style of her chosen wedding.

Wedding gowns are usually made from a selection of fabrics such as:

All of the fabric above can be made up into a creation that best suits to transform any bride into a fairytale princess for her special day.

Most bridal dress makers will also offer a wide range of wedding underwear, veils and hairpieces all customised to match the all important wedding gown.

Bridal gowns have been worn right through the ages to celebrate this special day but the more traditional white wedding gown that we are more familiar with today did not really become popular until Queen Victoria wore a white lace gown for her wedding. After this time every bride to be wanted to try to re-enact this style of gown believing that the colour white was a sign of purity, virginity and faith when in reality it is rumoured that this fabric was chosen by Queen Victoria to help falling lace sales.

Whatever style, colour or fabric chosen to make up this most important dress we are sure that the wedding gown is here to stay.

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